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    Rules: READ THESE

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    Rules: READ THESE Empty Rules: READ THESE

    Post  Admin on Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:32 pm

    -Listen to administrators and moderators
    -Respect your fellow members
    -No swearing (damn and hell are exempt)
    -No sexual content
    -No harassing other members
    -No public display of personal information
    -No bossing other members around
    -No double accounting
    -Do not post spoilers without indicating that there are spoilers
    -No bumping topics
    -Use the edit button instead of reposting edited information
    -No double posting (On-Calls Rooms and homes are exempt)
    Role Playing Rules
    -Your character must be approved before you post.
    -All characters start off as interns (With occasional exceptions given only by admins)
    -Characters are assigned a resident when they are approved.
    -No chatspeak in role-playing posts
    -One thing must go wrong with each patient in surgery and one outside the surgery.
    If you break any of theses rules there will be a punishment. We don't need to follow the order, depending on how bad the offense is.
    (the punishments are below)
    First Offense: Warning!
    Second Offense: One Day Chatbox and PM Ban
    Third Offense: 2 Day Ban
    Fourth Offense: 1 Week Ban
    Fifth Offense: Permanent Ban

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